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Trust Through Verification

One of the main caveats that doctors tell patients who use a CBD supplement is that they can’t guarantee what’s in it. A 2017 study in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that of 84 CBD commercial extracts, only 31% of them contained the amount of CBD they advertised. 

At Van Aarde, we don’t just preach transparency — we prove it.  Not only do we employ 5 stages of internal testing during the cultivation and processing of our CBD, we send every batch of product we create out to a third party independent lab for a final test. All to ensure you’re receiving the proper potency, and to alleviate any concerns about levels of THC, pesticides, heavy metals, microbiological and bacterial contaminants.

We test at the following stages: 

  • Before the seeds go into the ground. All Van Aarde genetics are certified by the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources.
  • In the field as harvest approaches.
  • After the first extraction of raw material.
  • After we distill the raw hemp extract.
  • After final production of product.

But don’t take our word for it. Simply click on the batch code that corresponds to the code on your package to see exactly what you’re receiving from us. Below you’ll find the most recent test results for every individual batch of finished product.

Product Lab Results

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Arnica Balms

Batch V19060540A

Batch V19080140A

Batch V20020440A

Batch V20042840A

Batch V20081940A 

Batch V21040240A

Batch V21072040A

Batch V21082540A

Batch V21123040A

Hemp Extract Oil

300 mg Unflavored

Batch V19041001A

Batch V20112301A

Batch V21071901A

300 mg Peppermint 

Batch V19042502A

Batch V20112302A

Batch V21071902A

Batch V21122702A

750 mg Unflavored

Batch V19041003A

Batch V20112303A

Batch V21081203A

Batch V21122704A

750 mg Peppermint 

Batch V19042504A

Batch V20112304A

Batch V21041404A

Batch V21071904A

1500 mg Unflavored

Batch V19042505A

Batch V20012105A

Batch V20090905A

Batch V21082605A

1500 mg Peppermint 

Batch V19042506A

Batch V20012106A

Batch V20090906A

Batch V21090306A

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